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Our Top 3 Ads of Super Bowl 2015

bbender - February 5, 2015 - 0 comments

Our Top 3 Ads of Super Bowl 2015

Bender8 has compiled our top 3 picks for this year’s super bowl ads. We all rush to youtube and have a great time seeing what companies came up with for one of the biggest advertising days in America. This year didn’t have the catchy lines of yesteryear, but there were some pretty cool commercials put together..bal bla bla lets get to it. Here they are!  Let us know what your favorites were!


Third Place: Raw ‘Merica style, but It Works
Carls Jr. – Au Naturel

Alright, its low hanging fruit but we all watched it. This is nothing new for Carls Jr which goes to show they must be having success with this kind of campaign. We want to try this “all natural” burger. We’re not sure if the food guru’s will pass the burger off as legit, but it looks good in its well lit, juicy form.


Second Place: Exciting, a little corny, we don’t care
Bud Light – Coin


As a “follow up” to their Whatever, USA campaign, Bud Light released this ad before the super bowel actually aired. We think its fun. We imagine the creative team sitting around the table pitching this idea to the marketing heads. Glad someone took a chance of a fun campaign like this.


Our Top Pick: Damn Cool
Kia Sorento Official XLIX Ad with Pierce Brosnan


Our top pick goes to Kia for letting us indulge with a little laughter, story making & James Bond flair all on the fly. We want to watch it again! Getting to see Pierce’s reaction to a moose in the road is priceless and the score is itching to let this ad turn into an action scene…”NO, an Owl!”

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