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YouTube Vs. Facebook: Video Ads

bbender - February 11, 2015 - 0 comments

[edgtf_dropcaps type=”square” color=”” background_color=””]B[/edgtf_dropcaps]ender8 is taking a good hard look at what it means for the online video advertising market now that Facebook has joined the game. Facebook has no problem finding ways to make money from its user base and honestly we are surprised it took this long for them to get video ads going.


Alright so lets talk about how Facebook does video advertising.

First things first, Facebook knows it’s value. They didn’t have any issue with filling your timeline with promoted content and banner ads when they revamped their advertising platform a few years back. As much as we all hate the unwanted posts in our timeline, we learned to deal with them because, we must…have…Facebook! (sarcasm). With the introduction of video ads Facebook as once again taken an annoying stance with the introduction of “auto-play”. Incase you’ve not been using Facebook, video ads are now auto-playing as you approach a proper viewing position. We must say, from a advertising angle opinions on this tactic are split. Nobody wants ads pushed on them. However, if we must see ads, is it better to get it done and over with faster? For now we are going to side with keeping ads quiet until we devote to hitting that play button.


The second question to be answered is “Does the value exist in a world of YouTube?” Lets just start by saying Facebook gets around 1-3 Billion video views a day (depending on where you get your information). They have real cause for jumping into video in the manner they have. At an average of 4 billion views per day, it would seem YouTube isn’t that far ahead. Our belief though, is based on user intent. YouTube is purely a video driven site. One loaded with just about the best curated content to match any topic. Their users are ready to watch! Video ads can be interactive and as we’ve all seen with the latest super bowl, can be an attraction all by themselves. This is something Facebook just doesn’t come close to providing at the moment.


Where the money should be spent: Youtube.

1-3 billion views a day is an amazing start for Facebook, and we have no doubt the ad money will roll in for them as it always has. With some time, we are sure Facebook will build in some very attractive options for advertisers. However, YouTube is our clear winner in this battle. With an minimal monthly budget, there is still a lot more bang for you buck with YouTube. If not for the traffic, or the very targeted engagement options,
the fact that you go to YouTube to WATCH is enough…SKIP AD >


Happy viewing.

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