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Celebs + News: How Popular Pays

bbender - March 17, 2015 - 0 comments

Celebs + News: How Popular Pays

Celebrities get paid to wear, drink, drive and use just about everything possible. This is not news.
However the world of social media merging with endorsements & advertising is hotter than ever. For the first time we are starting to see a very real business behind social/online endorsements. Some of which is being carefully placed all through the online news outlets you trust.  Stay with me here, it gets interesting.


Celeb Social Endorsement Celeb Social Endorsement Celeb Social Endorsement Celeb Social Endorsement


Kim (Kardashian) is the lowest hanging fruit when it comes to celeb endorsements. We all know this & roll our eyes at the amount of followers who tune in for the popular curves. Kim has done a solid job at monetizing her popularity. She has built an empire on basically being young, rich and beautiful. The latest numbers we could find put Kim making around 5.45 Million a year from her business ventures.


Does online social endorsement work?

Yes, very much so. If people look to a celeb and think “I love those shoes”, its probably of some value to both the creator of the shoes and those who are seeking them out to gain that information. Often times, companies will go out of their way to promote photos of a celeb using their product in their daily lives (via paparazzi, etc). This is a fine line for advertising laws. If the celeb has not agree’d to promote anything, you could end up with some troubles. This is where the many “news” sites come into play. Ever wonder why a Kardashian photo gallery ranks on the front page of yahoo? Or why a single instagram post finds its way into a massive string of press releases masked to look like news articles? A lot of times its worth the money to push a celebs photo to the top of the pile to get people googling “white and gold dress” (The Designer of The Dress craze has released a Gold And White version).


There are some things to watch out for when attempting celeb endorsements though. If you spend much time online you’ll start to see a pattern with some celebrities social profiles. Following a few celebs floating in the C level status on twitter will get you a random string of product placement tag lines and never ending short links shooting off to random items and services you probably don’t need. Are you crazy for wanting to follow someone you think is cool? No, but its a let down to check in on someone’s post, only to find messages clearly not composed from the celebs genuine interests.


Quick Fact: Beck’s popularity on Spotify received a 524 percent bump in terms of listening rates after Kanye West said he didn’t deserve the Album of the Year Grammy award.


Issues Celeb Endorsements Can Produce for Advertisers

There are some other less common problems that can come into play for online advertisers & there celeb partners… Lets highlight a story out right now in AdAge titled “Marketers Not Thrilled to See Ads Running Before ISIS YouTube Vids“. Thats right, the good old creative content department over at ISIS may have managed to get some advertising dollars from their crazy propaganda videos. Who knew an ISIS supporter was also interested in a new Swiffer? The issue is real enough the State Department has “informally” reached out to some major marketers to try and put a stop to it.


Some celeb promotions you didn’t realize were marketing: (via Business Insider)

  • Robert Pattinson smoking an electronic cigarette at the New York premiere of “Cosmopolis.” “I personally gave Robert Pattinson those electronic cigarettes at the wedding of my friend,” Heller told THR. “It was before he and Kristen Stewart broke up. I gave it to both of them.”
  • “At a recent event for Dancing With the Stars‘ Derek Hough,” Heller explains to THR, “Hough was picked up in a Kia car, tweeted about the car, thanked Kia and was seen using the car. TR [Talent Resources, Heller’s company] then took all of the images and sent them to several platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and blogs.”
  • During an event at Talent Resource’s Malibu summer house, Adam Levine’s new musical protegé Rozzi Crane brought John Mayer and Lauren Conrad along for her listening party at the party property. Unsolicited, Conrad took a picture with a life-size cutout of the Kia Motors Hamster and posted it on Instagram. Heller’s team sent it out to the web, and the photo had more than 38,000 views within 24 hours. Plus, said Heller, “This shows you the power of celebrity. She took picture with her iPhone. I didn’t ask her to. She’s doing my job at my event. It’s amazing.