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The Perfect Business Card, Doesn’t Exist.

bbender - April 24, 2015 - 0 comments

The Perfect Business Card, Doesn’t Exist.

The idea of a business card started in China in the 15th century. It took about 200 years for the concept to find its way into the US. Of-course the early versions were more of an advertisement flyer but a trend must start somewhere. The business card once was a must have item to prove your were a legit business. At-least that was the case for a strong 60 years. We’ve all heard the tail end of a conversation passing by, “do you have a card?”. The business card was in its prime in the 80’s. Stock brokers passed them around like a sign of importance. Then the internet happened. The internet made everyone feel as though the future was all digital. Rolodex’s, snail mail, etc all went out the window. As online applications and advancing web capabilities have grown, paper based marketing has nearly all but died (direct mail, magazine advertising, etc). It’s not completely accurate to say that business cards seem like a thing of the past, but we all have to admit they don’t matter like they once did.


We think as “old school” as a business card may be, it can also be a very powerful representation of your brand, message & marketing efforts. There is something very appealing to a well crafted business card. With technology these days businesses have the chance to make an impression using paper, ink, cuts, coatings, sizings in any configuration they can come up with. Its always nice to hold a well crafted business card after a positive conversation. It leaves the potential customer with a item that represents your brand and drives home the feeling your brand creates in their mind. Handing over a well thought out business card can have a great impact!


The Perfect Business Card.

The perfect business card doesn’t exist. We should know, our own current business card has gone through 8 versions. We feel its a wonderful card that explains who we are, how we feel & how to learn more about us. It was designed with action in mind. We want people to hold on to the card as a access tool to getting something amazing created. So what are other industries doing to represent their brands? below we can take a look at a variety of design concepts all ranging in quality & purpose.








Creative & Fun.



American Psycho (corporate).












So back to the idea that there is a perfect business card. You must spend loads of time to find a look & configuration that fits best for your business. Our advice is to hire us for this 🙂 but seriously, find examples of what you love and then push farther beyond them to land on a final product that will stay with your customers longer than the day you handed them a business card.