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Can YouTube Beat Twitch At Its Own Game?

bbender - June 6, 2015 - 0 comments

YouTube creates a game-centric version to directly compete with Amazon’s Twitch. We’re not sure if this will generate the same results as it did for Twitch, but with YouTube’s size, building out a platform like this is probably a smaller task with little risk.


Google vs. Amazon

Google owned online video sharing behemoth will be launching YouTube Gaming this summer in UK and US so that you can watch people while they are playing video games, quite similar to what takes place on Twitch.


It is worth mentioning here that YouTube was reportedly interested in purchasing Twitch last year but Amazon was able to beat it by shelling out $970 million.


According to Alan Joyce, who is YouTube product manager, YouTube Gaming has been developed solely for game lovers with every detail about your favorite games as well as gamers at one place. Alan also specifically mentioned that the new portal will contain more videos than present “anywhere else”.


Third Service Catering to Subset of Audience

The launch of YouTube Gaming will be its third attempt at creation of services which cater to specific subsets of YouTube’s audience. Just last November, it announced a service called YouTube Music Key which will let viewers pay for watching music videos without any ads.


Similarly, in February YouTube went ahead with its YouTube Kids platform which is an ad-supported, free mobile app specifically focusing on children. It will allow children to view age appropriate videos and will be completely cut-off from any other videos present on the site.


YouTube Gaming Facts

It will be ad supported and free to use but as of now brands will not get the functionality to target ads for viewers using this service.


The advertising space on this portal will be sold through the Google Preferred Program which segregates top five percent of its channels into twelve main categories.


These 12 categories also consist of gaming categories in which brands will be allowed to buy advertising space by way of upfront ad spending commitments.


25,000+ Games

The gaming site as well as the mobile app will consist of 25,000+ pages featuring different games. On these individual pages you will find related videos, in addition to live stream of gamers playing the game as well as live chats where you will be able to comment about the game play.


Apart from this, you will be able to tune into any game publisher’s channel and subscribe for getting notification alerts as live streaming starts in such channel.


YouTube is working to further enhance the live streaming experience through functionality where users will not be required to schedule any live stream in advance.


What’s different in YouTube Gaming from Twitch?

  • First of all videos are not archived in Twitch so Twitch streamers generally export all their videos onto YouTube.
  • In YouTube all live streams will automatically become YouTube videos without streamer having to do anything about it.
  • Lastly, live streams in YouTube Gaming can be watched with a delay or instantly rewound, very similar to what you do on a DVR and this type of feature is not present in Twitch.


It is yet to been seen how well everything will go for YouTube Gaming and whether it is able to break the dominate hold that is Twitch (it’s reported 100 million viewers per month as of last year) has in this broadcast game play and live streaming market segment.


What do you think? Can YouTube beat Twitch at its own game?