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How To Capture 92% Through Re-Engagement

bbender - November 2, 2015 - 0 comments

Building a brand is hard. Front loading a company budget in hopes to boost new customers, social interactions and net profits can be a tough gamble for some. Today we’re not going to focus on that. Instead lets talk about what to do with your current customer base. Any brand has a mixed group of customer types. Newcomers, business class, trend riders & my favorite, the loyalist.

What is “re-engagement”?

Re-engagement might be called by a number of different names but any form of marketing which attempts to engage a previous customer (or follower) of your brand is “re-engagement”. Legacy brands like Coca-cola, Walmart, GM, etc all spend a great amount of time marketing to people who already know the history of the brand, their past flagship products and have formed a opinion based on their impression of said information. This can be a problem for companies since innovation is always a large part of a product line or service.

Dodge is a quick example of a company that has gained a massive following through on-going re-engagement & rebranding. In the late 90’s they hit the world hard with bold looking trucks for low prices. This was of course in response to terrible sales for many years before. Then later in the mid 2010’s Dodge shifted their brand to muscle cars and probably the only brand known for packing powerful hemi engines into just about every model they offer. All along the way, Dodge was flooding the advertising world with new content. Every home in America saw a charger blazing across their screen at one point or another. This was all done in an attempt to prove to its customer base they had something new & exciting. A re-engagement success by all standards.

The Stats

Lets get to the meat of this topic. A recent study was published this month outlining not only the preference of a large study group of customers, but also the outlets they prefer most. Obviously some study participants showed interest in more than one category. The data leads us to a fact we, at Bender8 have always believed. With the right message, delivery & follow through, advertising can excite and enrich your customers lives.

  • 54% prefer snail mail
  • 49% prefer email subscriptions (once per week, month, etc)
  • 38% prefer to visit a company site when they feel like it
  • 28% prefer promotions while “in store”
  • 24% prefer email campaigns
  • 20% prefer to get updates via social media
  • 17% prefer to receive text messages
  • 15% prefer to use a mobile app
  • 9% prefer local events
  • 8% prefer no marketing or updates
  • 2% other

Cost effective

Honestly, the more creative you can get in your advertising campaigns, the better. However if your looking for a starting point for your small business, we suggest you launch with an email campaign. At number 2 on the list, a regular email campaign can engage your customer base at an extremely low cost. Most email marketing campaigns can be created, mailed & managed for less than a few hundred dollars a month. (Ask Us How)

Data origin: marketingsherpa

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