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    Bender8 is a digital advertising agency specializing in brand based advertising & online conversion solutions. By combining the principles of emotional storytelling with the latest technology, we create environments for today’s online marketplace. We will bring your branding into the modern age, get you ranked among the top in your industry and create messages to your long lost customer base that will make them tear up with excitement. You should be excited too, because we not only mold amazing ideas for your brand, but we do it fast, efficient & at an honest, realistic cost.

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    Digital Infrastructure

    Presentation is everything. We have state of the art development & production standards to ensure your websites, films & online marketing hold up to the new generation’s lust for well crafted experiences.

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    Your Brand. Our Storytelling

    Your brand stands for something. We build around the authentic nature of your brand & what it stands for. Crafting a message through digital media platforms that will bring your customers to find new inspiration in your company.

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    Unique Advertising Campaigns

    We build an outline for the life of your campaign so you know up front who you are targeting, how they will interact with your brand & growth expectations.


    We build content with all digital platforms in mind. That means your website, advertising campaigns & video content all work together seamlessly to grab the attention of your future customers whether they are on their phone walking down main street or browsing the net from their cubical. We have you covered with engaging digital content that will speak true to your brand.

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    Bender8 Mobile Web Design

    This is home base for your entire brand’s identity. A well produced website has the perfect balance of brand empowerment and a clear user experience.

    • UX/UI Design
    • Online Conversion
    • Micro/Landing site
    • Web Optimization

    For some, selling online is the entire business model. All advertising efforts come down to the experience a user has while trying to buy your product. The sales experience should speak to your brand’s identity by creating an efficient and convenient environment.

    • E-commerce Solutions
    • Interface Design
    • Mobile Compatibility
    • PCI Security

    We know how & where to speak to your future customer base. They are out there waiting to learn about you. Let us guide you to this strange new land.

    • Paid Search
    • Online Promotion
    • Digital advertising
    • Content advertising

    What do you stand for? Who will stand with you? These fundamental questions lead into a storytelling process that will speak to the right people, with the right motivations to associate your brand with their identity & desires.

    • Identity & Design
    • Messages
    • PR Films & PSA’s

    This is the heart of digital advertising. The content that people are talking about over dinner and your best friend shares with you over social networks. The well crafted video, speaking to your emotions faster & with more impact than any other available medium. Think eTrade & the talking baby…

    • Viral Content (Videos, Meme’s, etc)
    • Motion Graphics
    • Film Production
    • Infographics

    Everyone uses a smart device (Phones, Tablets, Wearables, etc). A large percent of todays users are glued to the screen in front of them. Mobile has become more than entertainment. It now enhances daily life like never before.

    • Mobile Apps
    • Mobile Web
    • M-Commerce
    • Hybrid Development