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The Impact of Influencers

Study Identifies Impact of Social Influencers Influencer marketing proven to increase sales and store…

bbender May 4, 2017

How To Capture 92% Through Re-Engagement

Building a brand is hard. Front loading a company budget in hopes to boost…

bbender November 2, 2015

Will Advertisers Benefit from AOL’s New Branded Content?

Will Advertisers Benefit from Partner Studio, AOL’s New Branded Content Division? AOL joins other…

bbender June 26, 2015

The Perfect Business Card, Doesn't Exist.

The Perfect Business Card, Doesn’t Exist. The idea of a business card started in…

bbender April 24, 2015

Our Top 3 Ads of Super Bowl 2015

Our Top 3 Ads of Super Bowl 2015 Bender8 has compiled our top 3…

bbender February 5, 2015

We're Live! The Bender8 launch

We’re Live! Bender8 launch’s as a storytelling powerhouse in digital marketing. We’ve got our…

bbender February 4, 2015