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    Partners Program

    Business Development Will Never Be The Same


    The Partner Program by Bender8 is a quick & easy way to pick up some extra money on the side. Just pass us info on an upcoming job & we’ll pass you a nice commission check, no questions asked.  Details Below.

    Send us a note anytime you hear of an up coming project

    We will make contact & secure a new project

    You make 20% commission, hands free!

    All leads will be kept 100% confidential from the client


    For each lead you send our way, we will work with the company to secure a new project. Each new client will get you a full 20% of the project total. You will be paid your “commission” up front, so even if there is a payment issue with the client, you will still be taken care of. *All leads will be kept confidential from the client.

    Your ``Commission`` On Every Lead 0

    example: $10,000 project total = $2,000 payment to you



    You can submit leads below or contact us directly to give us a bit more detail.

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    Our staff at Bender8 is dedicated to producing the best digital content possible. Your interest in working with us to connect businesses to a stream of new customers is much appreciated. We consider you a friend and look forward to future business together.