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    Bender8 / Mycart


    For the past 10+ years Mycart has been leading the way in point & build websites. So when they asked for a complete redesign their platform and public image we immediately starting by looking at how Mycart became a leader in the first place, online automation. Over the last two years we’ve seen companies like square space, volusion and now even godaddy work their way into the point and click website builder space. Its a hot market with small business leading at its prime user.

    We designed the entire User Experience to feel progressional and complete. From the time a user lands on their homepage, to the moment they finish building their website, one whole experience is felt. Menus, call to actions, editable fields & even language styles we crafted to help empower the most basic of online users.

    To finish the new launch of Mycart’s platform, we produced a quick 1 min advertisement for their YouTube national campaign we helped them push out.


    January 25, 2016


    Design, E-commerce, Film, Mobile, Online Security, UI/UX, Viral Ad, Web Development